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Published and distributed by Heron Books

The Applied Scholastics Educator's Package

Applied Scholastics International has teamed up with educational publisher Heron Books to provide a collection of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings on study, education and children—created specifically for educators! Now available in this newly released 5-book package!

Preview The Study Handbook

The Study Handbook

Principles and Techniques for Effective Learning

For teens, young adults, teachers, tutors, parents—anyone concerned about real learning—this comprehensive book presents the basic principles of study and precise techniques for isolating and resolving any learning difficulties.

preview Education


Fostering Reason & Self-determinism in Students

A comprehensive text on Hubbard’s breakthrough insights into learning, education and children, including material from lectures and essays of the early 1950s, as powerful today as they were then—an absolute must for every educator.

Preview Teaching


A New Approach

A simple, easy-to-read introduction to Hubbard’s educational philosophy, including the role affinity, reality and communication play in understanding, basic educational principles, comments on teaching reading and research, and more.

Preview Childhood & Children

Childhood & Children

Observations and Advice

A collection of essays introducing the most important principles an educator should know for success with children, including topics such as self-determinism, control, discipline, contribution, games and more. 

Preview Academic Supervisor

The Academic Supervisor

Once fully trained in study technology, to successfully run a classroom of students learning independently, training as an Academic Supervisor is necessary. This is now easier than ever with this new book and its accompanying course.

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Published and distributed by Heron Books


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